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The Other Side

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Buried deep beneath the deep crevices of self centered euphoria, agony and emotions lie the few fleeting moments one is able to extend his vision beyond the mundane realms of everyday life to the flipside, what appears to us as the dark side. Call it what you may, history is too partial with odes to the triumphant and shadows of death to the vanquished.

It had all the markings of a quintessential rickshaw journey. Starting off with the usual bargaining, we finally settled on the amicable amount of Rs.50 (More on my legendary bargaining skills later). I should have noticed the signs when he tried to make small talk enquiring about my health. Generally I avoid any sort of conversation with the rickshaw-wallahs so as to simply not expose my exemplary hindi skills. Initially I managed to fend off some questions with the customary smiles and “theek hai” ’s and then the conversation took a turn. For the worse.

Note: Bhaiyya’s conversations were all in Hindi. It is imperative here to mention that I really didn’t get half of what he said. The other half which I supposedly got, again I’m guessing as to what he said. My understanding of hindi is primarily based on my logical skills, limited vocabulary and use of arbit English words here and there which let me pick up the context.

What ensued was total chaos. Read on….

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Written by Chronoz

April 14, 2009 at 4:26 am

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