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Lakshya – That’s the word!

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“What is the best way to unwind”, a friend asked the other day and I was left wondering. The question came at the right time too; the dreaded end sems had just taken its toll on the sanity of the (few) normal people in R-Land and zombies finally got a couple of days before being sent to conc err….NCC camp. The question ofcourse has been asked over and over and time has not thrown up any particular answer. My gyan is quite simple. You do what helps in relaxing you the most. For some it’s movies, some fiction and for a few (sad) creatures, its back to studying.

My own “ultimate stressbuster” has been discussing stories. I know this sounds weird but my friend and I have this (apparently) weird habit of developing stories for our own (imaginary) movies. Our stories have covered all themes – action, romance, masala : you name it, we’ve done it! Sample this – The road not taken! Most of my friends are biased against our stories and make it their sole aim to diss us, but believe me, after a hard day’s work, there’s nothing more relaxing than discussing such bakwaas with a serious frame. Many of our stories have been inspired by real life events and almost all our characters have the essence of the people we meet around us. We not only develop stories but also discuss the screenplay. Believe me, a screenplay is just as important for a movie as its story.

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December 18, 2008 at 6:01 am

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