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18 Time till I die!

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I just turned 18 a couple of days ago and that feeling hasn’t yet sunk in.. It feels weird when you look around you and realize that you are a major. Boy, time sure flies. I remember the whole 18 years of my existence as if it were just yesterday, especially the last two years. Before I can even say “snap” i’ll be 60 (if I’m alive still that is); have grandkids, will lose my teeth, (and as someone pointed out rightly), my hair as well. Will grow old senile and die (hopefully) a peaceful death.

August 26th was just another day in my life… Lots of phone calls this time, glad my friends didn’t forget me. Sadly, one doesn’t really realize time flying. We always groan about the past, miss the present and groan about the present in the future. (Hmm…am I becoming poetic). I still can’t believe I’m 18 so soon….I guess the 4th dimension is onething that we can never hope to conquer.

Apart from that Roorkee is great. Good environment. single room; Helps me maintain my sanity. But all this comes with a pinch of salt, “There’s only 1 girl in Mech Engg here”..Ahhh!!!

Hmm….Its good to post feelings’ed stuff once in a while! Lots of things to blog of..

But on a completely different scale, it’s awesome to be 18.. Life feels so fresh and new and you know that you are now legal to do a “whole lot of” things.

I say with pride, 18 till I die!!!!!!!!!

P.S: I know my english and sarcasm are going to the dogs. If you are conducting remedial english classes, please call me!


Written by Chronoz

August 31, 2008 at 9:45 am