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All your base are belong to us

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Yes, you saw it right! After a long, long, (extremely long) hiatus, ChronoTron eez Back! Its been 1.5 bloody years and I really missed the blogosphere, but on second thought I didn’t. With a funky new look and a brand new atmosphere, I present to you ChronoTron Reloaded. As you can obviously see, my writing skills have taken a turn – for the worse, thanks to my brain becoming over muddled with loads of physics and mathematics, but nothing that a couple of blog entries can’t cure. 😉 (You think I accidently missed Chemistry? Dream on!)

So what’s new in ChronoTron version 2.00 you ask? Nothing much, except the extremely irrelevant tag – “All your base are belong to Us“. And another obvious observation that you would have made by now is that all my previous posts have been deleted. Yes I know. They were bringing me a lot of hits and ChronoTron had a page rank of 5 (6 for a short while), which I consider one of my greatest SEO achievements. But the deletion of the posts and the new feel-good theme (I wanted a dark one, but the inbuilt dark ones don’t suit me) represent the transition and the inevitable – change! “Change is after all, the only thing constant in this world?”. But seriously, the change in the blog represents the change inside me. I’ve evolved, this time for the better. The evolution was slow but steady and when I look back at the Chrono who existed a couple of years ago, I feel the difference. My interests have changed. I’m really into programming nowadays (even attending a national camp for the informatics olympiad in june) and have atlast found the one love of my life – Physics. Ridicule me if you want but physics is the universe, its the inspiration and its the underlying force and it is Lé Beautiful.

Now you can clearly see what I was doing, the past 2 years.

Anyways, what will the new ChronoTron be about? Not just tech? It will truly be a World Wide Weblog. Some general stuff, funny & funky news, scientific stuff, quizzes and ofcourse I, Me and Myself. But what ChronoTron will retain is its personalization. A blog will truly be a blog only its personal. I will continue to splatter my opinions all throughout this blog and my blog will truly be my own. There are millions of blogs to feed the readers facts, very few which can deliver them in an unique manner. Yeah, I’m a self-confessed Techcrunch fan but we only speak of 1 Techcrunch? What about the wannabes who vanished into thin air and ofcourse the ever growing number of the Digg Clones. The latest one that has caught my attention is Mixx, but maybe I shouldn’t call it a Digg Clone?? It promises to be different. That I have to check it out.

What has really stunned me, is the astonishing rate of growth of Web 2.0. When I look at the Techcrunch Index, I find myself blank, half the names there just popped up this year and grown superfast. Will the bubble prick? I doubt it, the new sites are innovative and the pubic has never failed to reward innovativeness. And by the way, my friend rapster will hate me for this but another thing is that Facebook has actually failed to impress someone – me! I don’t care about the millions who swear by it, but I find it confusing and distracting and I’m as much of an hardcore geek as anybody else.

Loads more to write about but each will get its own spot under the limelight, till then! Cheers! And hope you continue to grace the New ChronoTron. As usual your comments and criticism are always welcome, spam isn’t! And no post would be complete without a thanks to my friends for sticking with me, through all times. I don’t need to name anybody, you know who you are.

May the force be with you!

P.S: If you’d like to drop a private message, Coolcracky [at] gmail [dot] com
P.P.S: Man U’s won! Yay!!!!!


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April 30, 2008 at 10:49 am